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Stressed as a mofo

For me calc still sucks (I bomb almost every quiz even though i think I’m doing the problems the way my teacher shows us in class. And yes I have went to the math center and they don’t really help me, I have talked with my professor and she doesn’t really explain things and our schedules make it so I only have like 15 minutes at a time with her on most days, and I have asked my math teacher from Cairo to come over and try to help me but so far NOTHING helps…….. ) i basically failed my first exam and I have exam two on Wednesday. My psychology teacher sucks……… He is so boring and so uninteresting. We have had only one exam in his class and the class average was a 69% and that is the only grade we have because he never thought of homework things to help balance everything out….. My INCC class is boring because I thought it was going to help get more acquainted with the school and so far we have written infinite amounts of papers with no feed back and have to read an auto biography, talk about it in class and write more papers……. My english class is super easy and so I lose focus in there all the time. We spent three weeks learning about a prep phrase……… Choir is a ton of work and today was a really bad day. When ever we have sectionals (sections split and work on the songs for an hour and a half) I get talked over all the time and no one ever listens to what I say…After today’s sectional I came back to my room and cried…. Voice lessons are going really good we have our midterm on Sunday…which scares me but I’m sure I will be fine….. I’m taking 17 credit hours instead of the original 15 I was taking when we met for ‘lunch’ that one day…..
In case you couldn’t tell I’m super stressed out which as you know also means I’m getting sick and I can’t sleep….. Tomorrow I’m going to the gym, since I have started college I have lost 15 pounds instead of gaining them (super excited!!!!!)

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